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Roof Storm Damage

Wind & Storm Damage Roof Restoration

Helping You Emerge from the Eye of the Storm

No matter how big the hurricane, tornado, or classic summer thunderstorm, these storms can turn everyday items – like patio furniture or pool toys – into projectiles that can damage your home’s roof. And then, there are the trees around your home. roof-storm-damage-experts-1They look gorgeous most of the time, but, during a storm, they can cause serious damage to your business’s or home’s roof. Unfortunately, though, when a storm hits, the wind and rain are only the beginning. As soon as the storm passes, you have to get to work on the recovery.

Wind damage can leave behind a trail of destruction. Even an afternoon storm can knock down small trees or destroy sections of your roofing structure. With more severe storms, you can wind up with serious hurricane damage – like trees on top of your home, broken windows, and chunks missing from your roof.

That’s why it’s best to leave your wind damage restoration duties to the experts. If you do not take the proper action now, you could face big problems down the road – like leaks, mold, and additional unnecessary damage.



Culver Roofing is capable of maintaining insurance claims roof-damage-insurance-claimwithout any out of pocket expenses from the customer with In-House professional adjusters on staff ready to assist you with all of your roofing insurance claims. If you have recent storm damage, or any other damage to your roof that will be covered by your home owners insurance, call us today at 832-671-1357 or fill out the information below, and one of our roofing experts will contact you immediately.

What Does a Wind Damage Restoration Expert Actually Do?

By coming to your business or home a few hours or a few days after the storm passes, a Culver Roofing Company wind damage restoration experts can help you patch up damaged areas and assess all of the damage with a trained eye.roof-storm-damage-experts-2 You may see a few tiles missing from your roof and think you only suffered minor hurricane damage; however, a wind damage roof professional can tell you if there is actually a more serious problem lurking underneath. A wind damage expert can give you a full damage report and recommend which repairs are needed to get your roof system back to normal.

Plus, wind damage experts also have experience in dealing with insurance companies. Talking to someone who’s “been there before” can really help, if you’ve never filed an insurance claim before.

Some of the most common duties of a wind damage restoration expert include putting tarps over hurricane damaged roofs, boarding up broken windows after a storm, and dealing with trees that have been ripped loose by Mother Nature.

If, for example, a tree falls onto your home during a storm, a wind damage expert can tell you if your house is still structurally sound – and if it is safe for you to be inside. Then, a wind damage restoration company can remove the tree from your home, or simply patch up some of the areas that need immediate attention. A wind damage restoration company can help you weather the aftermath of a storm – either until your insurance adjuster can come out to look at the damage, or until permanent repairs can be made.

Contact us today for a timely free estimate on your residential roofing needs, no job is too big or too small 832-671-1357

Why is storm damage roof restoration so important?

Virtually every business or homeowner’s insurance policy requires you to do something called “mitigating your damages” – meaning you have to do everything you can to make sure that no more damage occurs after the storm. For example, roof-storm-damage-experts-3if your roof sustained high wind damage, you have to put a tarp over it, so that the inside of your home stays as safe from the elements as possible. If you leave gaping holes in your roof, and it rains a week later and ruins your stuff, your insurance company may not pay you for the additional losses because you did not mitigate your damages.

When you work with a wind damage restoration professional from Culver Roofing Company, you can rest easy knowing that your damage is being mitigated properly. Wind damage experts know exactly what to do to protect your home from additional damage.

Plus, a wind damage roof restoration professional can do things right the first time. After all, who wants to climb back onto the roof and secure a loose tarp?

Plus, hiring a wind damage restoration professional means that you don’t have to do the work yourself – something that can save you time and unnecessary risk. A wind damage expert can take care of immediate problems much quicker than you can. They have special tools and training that enable them to do things in a few minutes that it might take you a few hours to do. And, if you don’t have the right training, it can be dangerous for you to try to climb around on your roof or try to remove uprooted trees. Leave the risky stuff to the experts!

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